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About Us

It’s about an aspect of natural human experience. It can come in on us, or arise in us, suddenly, at any time, in any place, and can affect and even change our lives. It can happen to anyone, whether religiously inclined or atheist, spiritually inclined or materialist, and regardless of age, sex, nationality or culture.

It is called ‘spiritual’ and ‘religious’ because it is seen as either or both. It can include mystical, transcendental, out-of-body or near-death experiences, or a deep sense of meaning in a place or event. Psychical experiences such as déjà vu, clairaudience, clairvision, telepathy and precognition can be included. It can also include such features as meaningful co-incidences, or synchronicities, guidance and answers to prayer or contact with deceased loved ones.

It can be triggered by music, dance, church or religious architecture, beauty in nature…… also by pain, intense suffering and distress. It can sometimes happen through meditation, prayer or other means. It can be immensely beneficial and life-enhancing though some experiences can be negative and distressing.

It can raise, in itself, the question “what’s it about?”, and others, “why me?”, even, “am I odd, or going barmy?”. These questions need answering – for the experiencer and for society – for these experiences are important and can have far-reaching consequences. Investigating these experiences is what our work is about.

Evidence suggests that ‘love’, ‘relationship’, ‘unity’, might be, ultimately, what it is about – ‘light’, ‘love’, oneness’, ‘bliss’ are key words; ‘insight’, ‘lifting of a veil’, ‘altered state of consciousness’, ‘reality’, ‘the Real’, ‘Ultimate Reality’, ‘God’ are other words used. What is your experience?

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